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Services For Buyers and Sellers

Brown Realty Co. of Rayville has the ability to offer a full range of services to meet all your farm and recreational property needs. Our expertise in real estate brokerage and our professional team of seasoned agents provides our clients with a wealth of resources, and has allowed us to realize tremendous growth through the years.

When selling farm or recreational property Brown Realty Co. provides:

When buying farm or recreational property the professional staff at Brown Realty Co. is helpful because we:

Marketing Services

At Brown Realty Co. we understand the importance of effectively marketing properties. We have developed a proven suite of marketing tools that get results. These include:

Our Marketing strategy to sell your land quickly and easily. First, we like to drone your property and take as many pictures as possible of the timber, roads, camps, hunting blinds, or waterfront. Once all of our information is collected we proceed to the next step. Maps are drawn of your property and data sheets are made ready for potential buyers.

We will upload your property to our website where it can be seen same day. It will also be uploaded to large third-party sites listed above. We will add the property to our email list which is sent out twice weekly. The property will also be added to our brochure that is sent out quarterly to over 6,000 recipients including physicians, attorneys, lenders, farmers, and other investors.  From there, our in-house marketing team will take your property to social media. We are on all the platforms and constantly growing. We also regularly participate in trade shows such as: The Mississippi Wildlife Expo, Big buck Classic in Little Rock, National Wild Turkey Federation in Nashville, The Louisiana Sportsman Show, and so many more.

Above all else we have a group of experienced agents with many potential buyers that are contacted soon after listing. At Brown Realty Co. we have spent decades developing a strong reputation. As a result, our database of potential buyers continues to grow. These potential buyers are informed constantly by phone, email, and other means to keep them aware of our new listings. You can count on us to present your property in a manner that will generate results.