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Residential Agent

Licensed in: Louisiana


Hi my name is Heather Brown Stephenson. I have been a resident of Richland Parish most of my life. I am the wife of Brandon Stephenson from Mangham, and we have two beautiful girls Paisleigh 9 and Presleigh, almost 5. In the year 2000 I graduated from Riverfield Academy and moved to Monroe. After living in Monroe for approximately 6 years, I became very familiar with the city. One afternoon my parents and I were driving around with Real Estate Professional looking at properties. She caught on very quickly that I could maneuver around the city street rather well. In conversation, she asked If I had ever thought of selling real estate, she said I had a wonderful personality and I would be wonderful at it.. Until that moment, it had never crossed my mind. My dad Jerry Brown had been in the real estate business for years. My parents and I began discussing it. I decided to take the plunge. I attended Bob Brooks School of Real Estate in Baton Rouge. Upon passing my test, I went to Work for John Rea Realty in Monroe at the very young age of 23. I was an agent with John Rea for the next 6 years, and was awarded Winners Circle after completing my first full year in the business, as well as the next 5 years. Winners Circle is an awarded achievement for selling over 1 million dollars in real estate over a one-year period. In 2010 I decided to leave John Rea Realty and become a Broker in Richland Parish. My family started Brown Residential Properties in Rayville, where I was the managing Broker for the next 11 years. In 2022 we decided to merge the two companies Brown Realty Co and Brown Residential Properties and become one, adding Residential to the list for Brown Realty’s Specialties. So here we are today, I am now an Associate Broker for Brown Realty Co of Rayville LA. Brown Realty Co specializes in Recreational, Hunting and FarmLand, as well as being active in 6 different states, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. Please contact me for any and all of your Residential, Land, or Commercial Needs !

What Heather’s Clients Say

Heather was professional & so helpful as we were moving into a new community & knew no-one. She assisted us in every way. We would highly recommend Heather without hesitation.
It has been my distinct pleasure to have conducted multiple real estate deals with Mrs. Heather over the past 15 years. I affectionately refer to her as “My Real Estate Girl”. Not only did she find & help me purchase my current residence but she has been an indispensable partner in helping me to acquire multiple rental & investment properties. She has always been my most valuable asset in any & all real estate deals. She has always had my back when closing deals to make sure I do not get caught in any pit falls, she is a Godsend when negotiating prices & appraisals, has a network of reliable contacts that can be trusted to assist with any & all parts of a real estate deal, is constantly keeping me apprized of any & all investment property deals she comes across. Her knowledge, work ethic, & hustle are the reason I utilize her in any & all deals I become involved in. Her bubbling personality & demeanor always make her a joy to be around & put me at ease when speculating any properties. I also know that she is an amazing daughter, wife, mother, & genuine person which speaks to her amazing character beyond being the studious professional business woman that she is & why she has & will always have my utmost respect. Anyone that is lucky enough to work with her on one business deal I have no doubt will agree 100% with my assessment of this amazing young lady.
Heather is a Real Estate Rock Star! We are a tough client with high standards and expectations. She met them with grace and patience. We went under contract twice only to reject the houses after inspection. She even worked while on vacation and being sick. Once we finally landed on a house she had to deal with our lender that was extremely difficult through underwriting. The whole time she had a smile on her face. I can’t say enough about Heather’s work ethic and customer focus. If you’re looking for an agent that goes full throttle and works hard for her clients, then you need Heather on your side.

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